Museum of ruins of a castle ‘Mitsunobukounoyakata'


This is ruin of the castle, which was owned by Lord Mitsunobu Ohura.

Ohura Mitsunobu constructed the castle in Tanesato district after he had removed from Kuji city (Iwate prefecture) in 1491. In this ruin, there is burial ground of Mitsunobu Ohura.


Later, His descendant, Tamenobu Ohura, founded Tsugaru-Han (‘Han' was like prefecture in medieval era).


Recently, this ruin was resurrected as historical park. There is the museum ‘Mitsunobukounoyakata', which exhibits historical materials of Tsugaru Han.


In mid May to early July, many (up to 1,000) peonies bloom in the park.



adress 90 Ooyanagi, Tanesato, Ajigasawa town

access 20 minutes car driving leads you to the place

closed day Nov. to Apr, every Mon. to Thu. of May. to Oct.

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