The mountainous district ‘ Shirakami Sanchi '



The mountainous district ‘ Shirakami Sanchi ' is big beech forest extend 130,000 ha. It was registered to World Heritage in 1993, primary of Japan .


This district is almost up to 600m height, and it contains Mt. MukaiShirakami (1250m), Mt. Shirakami (1235m), and so on. You can climb up these mountains by climbing trail starts from west coast.


This big forest has been kept out from human activity in term of ancient time to now. Therefore, this valuable ecosystem has been preserved.


You can reach the apex of Mt. Shirakami by 180 minutes walking from Iwasaki district (beside Westcoast), Fukaura town.


You can be attended with a guide who was ‘Matagi' (bear hunter) or forest instructor.