Wasao, the most famous ‘celebrity' in Ajigasawa town


Wasao is the dog who kept by Mrs. Kikuya who manages the store of burned squid. Sandwiched between route 101 and Japan Sea, the store is in suburb of Ajigasawa town. Wasao has been becoming famous as plain-looking but lovely character. Now that many people come to Ajigasawa town to see Wasao, it is not too much to say that Wasao is most famous ‘celebrity' in Ajigasawa town.



Wasao was merely rural dog. Some years ago, Mereko, who is famous writer of weblog, discovered Wasao as ‘The dog whose face is plain but lovely' when she travelled in West Coast of Tsugaru. No sooner had she introduced Wasao to website than Wasao became famous for all Japan.





This chance gave Wasao opportunities to appear on TV.
TV programs made Wasao more famous. It was not long before many people come to see Wasao from all Japan.


Recently, many goods related with Wasao (‘T-shirt, calendar, postcard, towel, and so on) are sold. And what is more, the movie ‘Wasao' in which Wasao acted himself was shown.

Wasao is just celebrity.







External link  official weblog 'Wasao Tsushin'