The ruins ‘Fukushima castle’


The ruins ‘ Fukushima castle' are located in the hill adjoining Lake Jusan . Height of the hill is about 20 to 30 meters, and the remains exist at the most west side of the hill. The remains of castle consist of two sets of embankment and moat fencing the abandoned main castle. One of the two sets is in inner side; the other is in outer side.

As for inner set, the appearance of it is square. The size of its one side is 200 meters. Recently, the ruins of castle which had been owned by monarch Andou were discovered. You can see inner set anytime.

On the other hand, as for outer set, the appearance of it is triangle. The size of its one side is 1km. In east side of the triangle, huge set of embankment and moat crossing hill from north to south is still remained. You can walk the embankment from the national route 339 to the ruins of gate.


Location Mitori, Aiuchi, Shiura district, Goshogawara city

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