Kanagi Cherryblossom festival in Ashino Park



The Ashino Park is the big park, which contain the lake Ashinoko, 128m long bridge, 256m long float bridge, and camping site.


In this park, about 2200 cherry blossoms and 1300 pines are planted. You can enjoy boat in the lake. In annual spring, the big cherry blossom festival 'Sakuramatsuri' take place.


The festival ‘Kanagi Sakuramatsuri' (Cherry blossom festival) is held from Apr.29 to May.5 every year.


When cherry blossom festival is held, the station 'Ashino Kouen' which exists in the park is covered by full blossomed cherry blossoms. It is look like a pink colored tunnel. This characteristic sight makes our mind mild and fantastic.


Over 150 stalls and branch shops come to the festival. Many events (party of Karaoke, entertainments, and fire flower festival, and so on) are held.

admission fee free

there are parking lots


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