Tsugaru KanayamaYaki ( huge ovens of ceramic ware )


From Jomon era (B.C 2000) to 10 th century, the foot of Mt.Bonju was the production center of the ceramic ware. But after 10 th century, none of ceramic wares were produced in Aomori Prefecture .


In 1985, the huge oven (along to hill's slope) was made in Kanayama district, Goshogawara City. This oven aims to product ceramic ware again. The ceramics is made from high quality clay which is mined by neighboring swamp, and pine tree as fuel. After that time, huge ovens were made more and more, and expanded. Recently, foreign ceramists are staying in there and they are interchanging with Japanese ceramists.


You can experience ceramic art in there. Many school students come there to experience ceramic art. Many Kanayama ceramics are exhibited and sold in there.

adress 037-0011 5-79 Chiyozuru, Kanayama, Goshogawara city
there is parking lot


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