Nunokaya pavillion (miniature of old big mansion)

‘ Nunokaya' is the pavilion, which exhibits miniature of ancient mansion ‘Nunoka'.


‘ Nunoka' was the huge mansion that had been existed in Goshogawara and disappeared by big fire in 1944. This mansion was one of the biggest three mansions in northeastern territory of Japan. It was constructed in 1896. The mansion was in Honcho, Goshogawara. It had large site of 12,000 square meters, and a mansion was 3,000 square meters. All of a mansion had second floor, and the site was surrounded by high wall of brick.


Nunokaya pavilion exhibits a miniature which is 8 meters long, 2.5m high, and 2.5m depth. Constructors of the miniature spent four years to create it.


adress 515-2, Hitotsuya, Goshogawara city


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