Thalassothrapy facility ‘Shiurand’


‘ Shiurand ' is the ‘Thalassothrapy' facility, which uses sea water from the deep sea as media of swimming pool.


'Talassotherapy' means making good condition of human body by exercising in warmed sea water which has same temperature as human body's temperature.


This facility has 15 equipments. Stroll road for walking in the sea water, massage machine by jet water (hot and cold), jet to foot, jet to back, jet to waist, bubble bath, bubble bath in the outdoor, swimming pool, and so on. You can view red sunset sinking below the horizon in the outdoor seawater bath.


The Germany-type sauna called ‘Auhugus sauna' is attached.

adress 115-126, Yamanoi, Isomatsu, Goshogawara city


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