the festival Tachineputa



‘ Tachineputa' is the big festival of Goshogawara city. In this annual festival, three 22m high lantern floats walk through in streets. And three 18m high and 16m high lantern floats walk, too.


This festival was started in 1999, but its origin is end of 19 th century.


When there were no electric wires in sky of Goshogawara city (before 1920), each neighborhood associations made and moved each Tachineputa which was over 20m high . And each association competed with other association about heroicness of their own Tachineputa.


But, after 1920, electric wires were spread on the sky of Goshogawara. It disturbed moving of high lantern float. Then Tachineputa shrank to 4.5m high.


In 1998, official of Goshogawara buried electric wires under streets. After that year, huge 22m high lantern float ‘Tachieputa' revived. The appearance of moving of colorful and magnificent huge lantern floats has been fascinating visitors.


festival days annual Aug.4 to 8 19:00 to 21:00