Tatsudomari Line



‘Tatsudomari Line' is the popular name which indicates national route 339 between Kodomari district and Tappi cape. The road is adequate for driving because of appropriately winding and fantastic view.


In old days, between Kodomari district and Tappi cape, there was no road. The coast is extremely steep.


Thus it was unable to walk from Kodomari district to Tappi cape.


In 1972, Construction of Tatsudomari Line was started. But, too steep appearance of the coast and mountain made difficulty and risky to delay of completion. It is Oct.1984 that people could use Tatsudomari line. Constructor was Japan Army.


After 2006, the line was improved to 7m width to facilitate going sightseeing buses.


In the half of the line, the coast becomes extremely steep, line deviates from coast to mountain because of avoiding steep coast. The line climbs up 475m high. In the peak, there is a sightseeing site called ‘Choukandai'. In there, you can see great view of Japan Sea . If you visit in night, you can see many bright right of fishing boat. Its just like starry sky spreading under horizon.


Slopes of mountains have few woods. Merely shrubs and grasses glow.


In northern half of the Line which across steep mountains, the road is surrounded with standing dead woods and strange rocks.


Maybe, Tatsutomari-Line is the only one that entirely natural long coast continues beside the road in Honshu island.


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