Jomon era museum ‘KARKO’


The globally famous ancient earthenware remains ‘Shakou-Doki' was discovered in Kamegaoka district, Tsugaru City . The exhibition museum ‘KARKO' has exhibited the lifestyle of ‘Jomon-Era' (B.C 16500 to B.C 3000) for the public since 1987. The origin of this name is as ‘ KAmegaoka aRcaeology - Collections' .


In the first floor of this museum, there are robots that he and she speak ancient language, and, there is a diorama which restore to popular house of Jomon era ‘Tateanashikijuukyo'. The replica of the excavated ceramic doll in spectacles is also exhibited.


In the second floor, ancient materials which were excavated in Kamegaoka district are being exhibited. This floor also exhibits lifestyle of archaic people.


address 59-1 Wakamidori, Kizukuri, Tsugaru city

admission fee charged


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