Tsugaru city sightseeing bus tour


Sightseeing bus tour of Tsugaru city takes place annual June according to bloom the flower ‘Nikkoukisuge' in Bense moor. The bus drops in on many sightseeing spots of Tsugaru city. Volunteer guides attend this tour.


For example (2010)

operation days: 2010.Jun.22(Tue.) to 2010.Jun.30 (Tue.) 
closed day every Mon.
fee adult 1,500yen student 1,000yen (include lanch and admission fee of facilities)


course A: Kizukuri station→Tsugaru city office →Bense damp plain→The buried forest of the glacial epoch→Parking area ‘Earth top'→Tsugaru city Morita district history and folklore museum→General amusement facility ‘Tsugaru chikyumura'→The oldest apple trees in Japan→Jomon era museum ‘KARKO'→JKizukuri station

course B: Kizukuri station→Tsugaru city office →The buried forest of the glacial epoch→Bense damp plain→Shinto temple ‘Takayamainari Jinja'→The direct sales store of Shariki district ‘Furatto'→Jomon era museum→Jomon era museum ‘KARKO'→Kizukuri station